When deciding to sell your home, it’s always a good idea to consider a Pre Home inspection. Most sellers are not aware that this is even an option they can do prior to listing their home.


Our typical Q and A in regards to pre-inspections:

Q:  Isn't the inspection a buyer's expense?

A:  Yes, the home inspection is generally the buyers expense when they move forward with an accepted offer. However, there are many ways that paying for a pre-inspection could actually save you both time and money.


Q: How will it save me money if I am paying for it?

A: When the buyer pays for and has the home inspection to be conducted, they are able to submit repair requests to the seller in order to proceed. By having a pre-inspection, you will be aware of any potential issues prior to your home hitting the market so you are able to have them remedied. This allows you to choose your own contractors and options for fixing. Also, if a major issue arises from a BUYER's home inspection that is potentially a major issue, the buyer could back out resulting in more carrying costs and a lower offer price after putting your home back on the market. 


Q: How will it save me time?

A: If a home inspection is already completed and you provide it to the buyer, they may potentially write their offer without a home inspection contingency of their own, reducing the amount of time the transaction needs in order to close. 


Q: When should I have the pre-inspection done?

A: We suggest having the pre-inspection done while working to get your home ready to offer on the market. This way you can make any necessary repairs prior to any potential buyers viewing the home.


When scheduling the pre inspection you may do so at your convenience. Different from when a buyer purchases a home inspection, you may be present during this inspection, and assist the inspector through the process. There is no rule that says you have to get a pre-inspection. However, doing so can reveal issues with your home that you were unaware of. Here are some key points for why a pre-home inspection is always a good idea.



-The report will help with pricing your home correctly

-Avoid the need for renegotiation 

-Help improve buyer confidence

-Allow you to make repairs

-Speed up the sales process

-Reduce the stress of selling your home


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