It’s officially spring and that means Spring Cleaning time is here! What better task to take on while social distancing! There are common places in our home that we all overlook while doing our everyday cleaning. Attempting to clean your house from top to bottom can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Knowing where to start can make this project more manageable and even enjoyable! Quick Tip! Take on one room at at time, this will help with having a smooth transition to each cleaning task. To make things easier on you, Make Minot Home has put together a Spring Cleaning checklist, enjoy! If you would like an even more comprehensive Spring Cleaning List, let us know and we will send one right over. 





-Washing Machine

-Base Boards

-Window Sills

-Ceiling fans

-Light Switches


-Door Frames

-Shower Curtains


-Behind/underneath appliances

-Pets food dishes

-Light Switches

-Door Knobs/Handles

-Get outside and clean out the garage/shed!

-Trash cans

-House Plants