An important part of the home buying process is the home inspection. This is when you will hire a professional to look for any major issues with the home prior to closing. The home inspection is a way for you to identify potential safety concerns, structural issues or functionality problems with the home before proceeding further into the buying process. 



Things You Should Know:


1.Who you use as your home inspector is completely up to you as the buyer. We always have suggestions if you do not already have a relationship with a home inspection company.


2. The home inspection is paid for at the time of inspection by the buyer. This cost varies by inspector so plan on a cost of $300-$400 in town and if you are buying outside of the area there may be mileage costs.


3. We will take care of getting the home inspection scheduled for you and notify the sellers. The home inspection will need to happen as soon as possible, but generally within 10 business days of acceptance of offer.


4. Once schedule, we will let you know what time you should show up if you are available to do a final walk through. The inspector can explain any issues they find in detail while you are there and inform you of the severity of any problems.


5. The inspector will send you, as well as us, a detailed report of their inspection. We will then review the report together and determine if there are any requests to submit to the seller to fix or adjustments to be made to the offer. 


6. Requests for the home inspection should generally fall in to one of the following categories: Safety Concerns, Functionality Problems or Structural Issues.


7. We will submit any requests formally in writing. The seller then responds either by accepting to handle the requests, or they may want to re-negotiate themselves. 


8. Once the requests are fully agreed upon in writing, the buying process continues to the next step.